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Heli boarding trip to Valdez Alaska where I hooked up w/ 3 of the worlds best riders "Jussi Okansen, DCP, Josh Dirksen".

Cliff note version... I was on a solo trip to heliboard, not knowing what was instore. got an rv and drove to ABA's heli port on Thompson Pass. rode the public ship the first day and it was fun but not what i was there for! The Mac Dawg film crew was there, so I bugged them to let me join in on their private heli. After 3 persistent days, buggin the hell out of them, they agreed to try me out. After our first heli run together they asked me how long would I like to join them for, I asked how long will they be there, 3 weeks they said... My reply was, well I guess i'm here 3 weeks! It was a trip of a life time! Thx to Jussi Okansen, DCP, Josh Dirksen, Brad Kremer and Adam Moran
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